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Eat Popsicles until you die

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Q: How do you get spinning prestige 1 emblem in mw2?
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How do you get the MW2 title in cod MW2?

Reach Prestige 1 and Level 69.

Can you get gold MW2 titles in first prestige?

Yep. I have all of them, and I am Prestige 1 and Level 70, except the Prestige 10 title.

How many ranks are in modern warfar 2?

There are 70 levels. and 10 prestiges. therefore level 1-70 ten times. so 700 levels. When it shows the percentage on the "multiplater" option on the main screen it will say "1100% complete". I am 10th prestige level 70 in Mw2. Each level is another rank, and only the first 1 - 70 (non prestige) will your rank emblem change as you level up. When you enter a prestige no matter what level you are the rank emblem will always stay the emblem of the prestige. The names of the ranks i.e Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Brigaider General. Repeat after entering prestiges. As any level 1 will be a private. No matter what prestige, but his emblem will change per prestige. This goes for the same as all other prestiges.

On mw2 how do you unlock the all pro emblem?

To unlock the all pro emblem you must acheive this ... get 2 headshots with 1 bullet.

What is the list of the 10 prestiges in mw2 and what are the rewards for each?

1st Prestige = 1 Extra Custom Class (6 in total) + title 2nd Prestige = Title 3rd Prestige = 1 Extra Custom Class (7 in total) + title 4th Prestige = Title 5th Prestige = 1 Extra Custom Class (8 in total) + Title 6th Prestige = Title 7th Prestige = 1 Extra Custom Class (9 in total) + Title 8th Prestige = Title 9th Prestige = 1 Extra Custom Class (10 in total) + Title 10th Prestige = Title & Emblem i think they're right, not sure about custom class 8. and i dont think you get a title on prestige 4 :)

Do you get a prestige token every time you prestige in MW3?

Yes and you get 1 token for prestiging at least once in CoD4 CoD5 MW2 and BLOPS

How many Custom Classes do you get in mw2?

0 Prestige: 5 1 Prestige: 6 2 Prestige: 6 3 Prestige: 7 4 Prestige: 7 5 Prestige: 8 6 Prestige: 8 7 Prestige: 9 8 Prestige: 9 9 Prestige: 10 10 Prestige: 10

What are the rewards for modern warfare 2 prestige?

A new custom class a prestige emblem and a symbol next to your tag showing that you are prestige 1. However, you have to start at lvl1 again. :(

How do people prestige on MW2 without being level 70?

U can't. Example: if u see a guy that is level 43 and it shows that he doesn't have the level 43 emblem or badge if u will, its because he is in a prestige already, your level goes back to 1 when u enter prestige but u only keep the titles and emblems that u have earned while getting to be able to go into prestige. u need to be level 70 to get into prestige. hope it helps.

What is a tenth prestige?

Depending on the COD, it changes the amount of levels they earned. COD4: 55 levels COD5 WAW: 65 levels COD MW2: 70 levels Each prestige has a certain amount of levels needed before going into the next prestige. In MW2 its 70 levels, then prestige, then 70 more levels. Since you need to reach the highest rank before prestige 1 there is actually COD4: 555 levels total as a tenth prestige. COD5 WAW: 715 levels total as a tenth prestige. COD MW2: 770 levels total as a tenth prestige. Lots and lots of games played :)

Can you get prestige tokens on mw3 by prestiging on black ops?

yes but you can only get 1 for black ops no matter how much times you prestige in black ops and you also get 1 for prestiging in mw2 and 1 for world at war

What is the 'Prestige mode' in Call of Duty' modern warfare relflex edition?

prestige mode is basically trading all your earned weapons and returning to level 1 for a different emblem. you can prestige 10 times.

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