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Go to Dr. Friendship's house in Stormy City, which is the third of fourth gym, I believe. He's in the town, so just visit the houses until you find him.

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Q: How do you get soothe bell in Pokemon glazed?
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Where are all the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Diamond?

You find a soothe bell at the Pokemon mansion

Where do you get soothe bell in Pokemon Gold?

thare is no soothe bell in gold.

Where do you get soothe bell in pokemon heartgold?

You trade any Pokemon for Jasmine's Steelix, and it will be holding a Soothe Bell.

Can you buy the soothe bell in Pokemon Diamond?

The are NO soothe bells you can BUY in Pokemon Diamond. but if you want you can even get a Soothe Bell for free in Pokemon Diamond, just walk to the Pokemon Mansion and walk into the rooms, one of the rooms contains a soothe bell. Hope this helps.

How do you get the soothe bell on Pokemon Crystal?

Nowhere. The soothe bell was introduced in ruby/sapphire

Where is the soothe bell?

The soothe bell is found in the Pokemon Mansion on route 212. The soothe bell is given to the player by the maid on the second floor.

What does the soothe bell do in pokemon platinum?

You give on of your Pokemon the soothe bell and it will get happy faster.(It helped me evolve my eevee and togepi.)

How do you get a Pokemon to be friendlier in Pokemon Diamond?

Soothe Bell

How do you get a soothe bell on Pokemon Conquest?

Soothe Bell is not in Pokémon Conquest. Most friendship evolutions are obtained through Link.

Where is the soothe bell in Pokemon White?

In Pokémon White 2, the Soothe Bell can be found in Nimbasa City.

Were do you find a soothe bell on Pokemon soul silver if you got rid of the other one?

you can not get a soothe bell agin sory

Where do you get the soothe bell for diamond version?

You can get it at the Pokemon mainson