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i had the same prob- look it up on YouTube- the one that worked for me had me download keka- don't worry its free

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Q: How do you get sims 3 mods into your game on a mac?
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Do you need winzip to download mods for Sims 3?

No go to for mods and register yourself and game to get $10 for the Sims 3 points to use but you don't need them. I hope this will help.

What is the best free mac game?

SIMS 3 Is the best.

Does The Sims 3 work on an iMac G4?

Sims 3 will not work with a G4 iMac. The game requires a recent Mac with an Intel processor.

What does it mean when you buy a Sims 3 game and it says Sims 3 required?

You are buying an expansion pack and need the base game(sims 3) to play it already installed on your pc/mac

When Does The Sims 3 come out for Mac?

The game is suppousd to come out in Feburary,2009

Does the sims 3 come for the mac too?

The game hasn't been released yet but previous versions of The Sims have been on Mac so I say it would be.

In the Sims 3 will there be prams?

i know you can get a pram or carriage with the Sims 3 mods and maybe on the Sims 3 store in extcange or the shop

Can you install sims 3 on a PC and a mac?

Yes you can install Sims 3 on a PC or a Mac.

Is there a Mac version of The Sims 3?

The general release of The Sims 3 is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. I believe the expansions are also compatible, but the case will display which operating systems the game will work on.

Can sims 3 run on powerpc G5 mac?

As Sims 3 requires a Mac with an Intel processor it will not run on a Mac with a G5 processor.

Can you have quadruplets on sims 3 pets?

You cannot have quadruplets in The Sims 3 Pets without third-party mods.

How do you get mods to work in the Sims 3?

make a folder in documents>electronic arts>sims 3>mods>packages. make a mods folder and in the mods folder make a package folder. then, go onto the website and add the mods to the packages folder! I'm warning you though, as of the newest patch, you may have difficulties with your game. I know I did and had to remove them. But, it might just be me so go ahead and try! If it dosent work, sadly, you will have to remove them.