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Well, I'm not entirely sure what the exact odds for getting a shiny Pokemon is, but from what I recall, it was 1 in 8192. And even if you spent months trying to get it, you might not get it. If you really want that lotad though your best bet is through chaining with a pokeradar in Pokemon pearl, diamond or platinum with sapphire plugged in. Or through the Masuda method. (search online for further detail)

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Q: How do you get shiny Lotad in HeartGold?
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Where to find lotad on HeartGold?

safari zone

How do you get shiny Lotad?

You get lucky. There is no specific way to capture one. Theres just a very small chance to see a shiny pokemon.

How do you get lotad in pokemon heartgold?

You can get lotad in the safari zone if you place the right items. to find out exactly how look at the pokemon marriland or serebii safari zone guide.

How do you get lotad in heartgold?

in the safari zone (special items) OR transfer from sapphire, ruby, and emerald

Shiny stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

I believe you can get a Shiny Stone in HeartGold in the Pokèathlon Prize Corner after you get 5000 Points.

Is there a way to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes the same way you get shiny Pokemon in the other Pokemon games is how you get shiny Pokemon in heartgold. There is a free shiny Pokemon in the lake of rage.

Can you get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes, it is possible to get a shiny Pokemon in HeartGold. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, and sometimes you may never encounter them in the game.

Where is the shiny stone in HeartGold?

You can buy the Shiny stone at the pokeatholon dome

How do you obtain a shiny Ditto in HeartGold?

To get any Shiny Pokemon, you need: LUCK

Where can you get a shiny stone in Pokemon HeartGold?


What level does Lotad evolve in Pokemon Heartgold?

It evolves into Lombre at level 14 and then evolves into Ludicolo if you use a Water Stone on it.

What is a shiny leaf in HeartGold?

I believe it is something like a shiny Pokemon or shiny leaf stone. Getting a shiny Pokemon takes LOTS of luck, and a shiny leaf stone I think you find in patches of grass outside of Violet City in HeartGold. Hope this answers your question