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battle more then it will come

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Just level up a Grass dinosaur that learns "Scissors" moves like Saurolophus until you get a message that says that you got the Move Card "Big Foot Assault."

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Q: How do you get seismosaurus on dinosaur king ds?
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Which dinosaur was the long?

Seismosaurus, a herbivore and sauropod.

Which dinosaur was bigger seismosaurus or baryonyx?

Seismosaurus is a dubious name. The dinosaur is actually called diplodocus. Diplodocus was far larger than Baryonyx.

In dinosaur king DS how do you get arrhinoceratops?

# # # # #

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Which was the largest dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex seismosaurus or apatosaurus?

t-rex. it was the biggest dinosaur that ever roamed the planet.

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What dinosaur ways the most?

Hard to say for sure, but the heaviest dinosaur was probably one of the Sauropods, like Brachiosaurus or Seismosaurus.