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In order to get rock smash, you must have already delivered the package to Captain Stern in Slateport City. Once you have done this, head north out of slateport and continue straight until you reach a place where you can turn right. Take this turn, and you will be on a road covered with tall grass.

WARNING: you battle May here and she has pretty tough Pokemon so make sure to save as soon as you make the turn right.

Once you beat May, continue on this road until the end. Then, you will continue north to Mauville City. As soon as you get into Mauville, go to the house that looks different from the others (its to your right when you first come in). In this house there will be a guy. Talk to him and he will give you rock smash.

NOTE: you will need to beat Mauville's gym before using rock smash outside of battle.

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Q: How do you get rocksmash in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get Strength in Pokemon Emerald?

You can get strength in Pokemon emerald by using rocksmash on the rocks in Verdanturf tunnel. a guy will give it to you

Where is nosepass on Pokemon emerald?

In granite cave,Dewford town u have 2 have rocksmash though

How do you catch nosspass in Pokemon emerald?

in the cave where you meet steven to give him the letter you need to use rocksmash in there

Where can you get the strength in Pokemon Emerald?

in the cave between rustburo city and verditurf town rocksmash and the man will give it to you

Who do you beat so you can use rocksmash in Pokemon emerald?

You beat Roxanne the first gym leader in Rustbordo City

Where do you find streath in Pokemon emerld?

To get strength in Pokemon Emerald, you have to go inside the Verdanturf Tunnel and rocksmash one of the two rocks. After you rocksmash a rock, a man will walk up to you, and explain that he can see his girlfriend everyday now and he'll give you strength as a reward.

What do you do when you get rocksmash in Pokemon HeartGold?

You use it

Do you get rocksmash in Pokemon Silver?


Where do you get rocksmash in Pokemon FireRed?

You get it at Ember Spa in the sevii islands

Where do you get a heart scale in Pokemon soul silver?

rocksmash in cinawood

What Pokemon move destroys rocks in the way?

The answer would be Rocksmash.

What do you do if you give rocksmash to a Pokemon and you don't have that Pokemon anymore?

Your probably screwed, I'm sorry.