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I had the cracked version once. I fixed it by deleting it, and them and then purchasing minecraft again until you pay. Then the real version will download, but the cracked wont

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Q: How do you get rid of the cracked version of Minecraft for mac?
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Why is minecraft stuck on the mojang screen on my mac?

Maybe because you have a mod that won't let you. You should get rid of that mod.

What happens if a Minecraft mod is installed for the wrong version of Minecraft?

It probably won't work and you'd have to get rid of the mod and try and find a more updated one. It probably will work though.

Why viruses are positive for computers?

Messing your computer up, if you want it messed up. Big name companies use them. So if, let's say, if you get a free cracked version of Internet explorer, then they send you a virus with the cracked copy. This means if you have the cracked version then you have to go out and buy a virus remover thing from the stores to get rid of the virus, so either way, they still get your money! The lesson learnt from this is, get firefox!

When will the new minecraft update going to come out 1.2.3?

whenever notch seels that he has gotten rid of enough bugs or added enough features to the game that he can update the version

Did they get rid of minecraft pe lite?

I have no idea why

How do you get rid of herobrine in minecraft for xbox 360 I FOUND HIS cave and im too scared to play again?

Since you can't mod the XBox360 version, there's no way to add Herobrine to it.

How do you get rid of poisen on minecraft?

Drink a bucket of milk

Is there a command in Minecraft to get rid of grass?

not that is made yet

Is you duplicate stuff on Minecraft will it get rid of Minecraft on your xbox?

No. I tried it yesterday on the 360 and I duplicated my diamond picks!

How do you get rid of an installation alert on your mac book air?

to quit instalationalert window on mac mavericks

If you have a Fleetwood Mac CD how can you get rid of it?

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Why did minecraft get rid of humans?

They are not needed... they will attack you and ruin the world.