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Why do you want to get rid of pokemon in a pokemon game? That sounds useless...

If you mean you caught too much pokemon you go to "PC" (in any pokecenter) and choose release pokemon.

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Q: How do you get rid of Pokemon in Pokemon red?
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How do you get rid of Pokemon on fire redAsk us anything?

A person can get rid of Pokemon on Fire Red by visiting the Pokemon Center. The pokemon can then be conveniently moved from Ash's backpack and into the PC box.

How do you get rid of the affect love in Pokemon sapphire?

Four ways: Use a red flute, Use a mental herb, switch out the pokemon, defeat the pokemon.

Where do you find the missing no i n Pokemon fire red?

As far as I know they got rid of it because it was a glitch. Sorry

How do you get rid of the All Pokeballs cheat in Pokemon Fire Red?

get a gamboy action replay and find the cheat on the computer

How do you get rid of HMS in Pokemon Red?

The easiest way to for a Pokemon to forget a HM is in Fuishca City. To the left of the Pokemon center are two houses, and in one of those houses, there is a Pokemon Move Deleter. Talk to him, and you can delete ANY move.

You used a hm to teach your Pokemon a move now you don't want the move anymore How do you get rid of it in Pokemon fire red?

Go to the move deleter's house in fuschia city.

Are there Pokemon you can get rid of to get Lucario in Pokemon Rumble?

Yes if you get rid of 5 riolu you get a lucario ticket.

How do you get rid of the red ring on your xbox?

How to get rid of the 4 red rings

What are the flute colors in Pokemon sapphire?

Blue Flute- Awakens Pokemon Red Flute- Gets rid of infatuation Yellow Flute- Clears confusion Black Flute- Repels wild Pokemon White Flute- Attracts wild Pokemon And that's it.

How can you get rid of your Snorlax when every time you release it it comes back on Pokemon fire red?

Oh I know..................... Oh no wait I don't lol

How do you get rid of an HM from your Bag in Pokemon SS?

U cant get rid of HM moves in any pokemon game

How do you get rid of the question mark Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

you cant