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you just have to go to the bottom left house and talk to the mister

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Q: How do you get primision from the elder in boyleland to get in the red door on Pokemon shadowsof almia?
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What do you do after you beat the capture arena in shadows of almia?

After beating the capture arena in Shadows of Almia, one can finish the quests. Once done with all the quests, get all the Pokemon on Rank S.

Can you change partner on Pokemon shadows of almia?

Yes, go to Partner Farm in Chicole Village.

Where do you find a Weavile on Pokemon shadow of almia?

Go down from the room where you catch lucario and you will find to weavile

How do you make your Pokemon destroy rugged rocks?

If you are playing the main Pokemon games, you will need to teach one of your Pokemon the TM/HM Rock Smash. (In Pokemon XY it is considered a TM) In Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia it is taught at the beginning of the game that you will need a Pokemon that have the ability to crush rocks. Bidoof is one of the beginning Pokemon as an example.

What are all the Pokémon games in the world?

All of the Pokemon games in the world are: Pokemon Red,Pokemon yellow pikachu edition and Pokemon blue, Pokemon Pinball, vpokemon pinball ruby and Sapphire edition, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon stadium 2, Pokemon Trading card game, Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Puzzle Challange, Hey you Pikachu!, Pokemon gold and Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon emerald ,Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon red rescue team, Pokemon blue rescue team, Pokemon explorers of time, Pokemon explorers of darkness, Pokemon ranger shadows of almia, and Pokemon black and white

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When do you get gible in Pokemon Ranger?

A Quest on Boyleland after you've defeated Darkrai in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

On Pokemon ranger shadows of almia Where can you find the red gem?

You can find the red gem at Boyleland in the Volcano Cave.

Where do you find fishing guide in boyleland in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

You find him in the Elders hut. He's the Dim Sun member you helped, (:

What do you have to do to get through the padlock in boyleland in shadows of almia?

It's part of the storyline. But you get there late.

What are all the place you can find Pokemon partners in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

craniados=the woods hippopatoss=the hippowdon cave when you beat the game piplup = hia valley turtwig = breeze hill chimchar =chroma highlands sneasel = almia castle misdreaves =chroma ruins snover =boyleland mime jr = boyleland shieldon =peril cliffs croagunk =way to ranger school kricketot =partner farm thanks hoped it helped go to the actual Pokemon ranger almia website to find more :]

Where to find mime jr on Pokemon ranger shadows on almia?

He's in Boyleland. After some mission, or maybe a quest, he'll join you as a partner. You mean he's not in the park somewhere trapped inside an invisible box?

Where is almia castle in Pokemon platinum?

Almia castle is in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia not Pokemon platuim.

In Pokemon ranger shadows of almia where do you find Eevee?

you can find it at VOLCANO CAVE in BOYLELAND

How do you get magmortar in shadows of almia?

After you beat the game, it is in the Volcano Cave in Boyleland. I think it is around one of the Drifloon ledges, where you can float to another part of the maze.

How do you trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

You can't trade Pokemon from diamond to shadows of almia, only from shadows of almia to diamond.

What is Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia is a newer Pokemon ranger game

Is there a rotom on Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

Their is NO rotom in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia.