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You have to get an account on the real minecraft website.

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Q: How do you get premium on Minecraft?
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Why is my Minecraft 1.6.2 a demo?

You must either not have minecraft premium, or your minecraft premium hasn't "registered".

What is Minecraft premium?

Minecraft Premium is the full version of Minecraft. With Minecraft Premium you can use custom skins for your character, play the incredibly fun Beta mode, and give money to Mojang AB to aid in the development of Minecraft.

How do you get Minecraft premium?

You have to get an account on the real minecraft website.

What is a free Minecraft?

Free Minecraft Is A Demo Version Of Minecraft And Its Not Premium

What do premium accounts in Minecraft do?

A premium account is a Minecraft account that has bought the game. A premium account allows you to change your skin and play on multiplayer servers.

Do you have to have a premium account im minecraft to play it?

No you don't have to be premium on Minecraft to play it you can play the free Classic version.

Are there any premium minecraft accounts you can play on?

I play on my own, everyone is welcome to get their own premium Minecraft account.

How do you be premium in Minecraft?

When you register and buy the game you become a Premium player.

What does it mean when you try to join a server in minecraft user is not premium?

Premium means that you bought Minecraft, not playing it for free. Some servers require premium status to play on.

How do you stop your free minecraft from saying user not premium?

You'd have to pay to upgrade your account to a premium one. Otherwise, it makes sense. Minecraft classic is not the premium version.

How do you get free premium on minecraft?

You can't

How do you become premium in minecraft?

you cant.