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i think you have to migrate it from Pokemon fire red,leaf green,Pokemon emerald and so on and on and on lol


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Q: How do you get politoed in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where is the Pokemon trainer with a politoed in Pokemon Platinum?

Politoed is a national-dex Pokemon so it can only be obtained through a trade.

What type of Pokemon is Politoed?

Politoed is a Water type pokemon.

What moves does politoed learn in Pokemon Platinum?

The moves that Politoed can learn via level up in Pokémon Platinum include ones such as Bounce, Hyper Voice and Swagger however the only level-up moves that the Move Relearner can re-teach Politoed are Bubblebeam, Doubleslap, Hypnosis and Perish Song.

How do you get a politoed in Pokemon Silver?

poliwhirl has to be traded with a kings rock to get politoed

What is the national pokedex number for Politoed?

Politoed is #186 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon is better walrein or politoed?

Walrein because of its extremely high stats, but Politoed is just awesome.

How can you see politoed on Pokemon Pearl?

To see politoed on D/P you have to migrate it from a GBA Pokemon game or Trade a poliwhirl holding a kings rock.

Can you migrate a poliwhirl with kings rock to get politoed on platinum?

No, you can only do that by trading, not migrating.

What level does poly whirl evolve in platinum?

polywhirl does not evolve by level to get a polywrath you have to use a water stone. If you want politoed, trade poliwhirl with somebody, and it will evolve into politoed.

What Pokemon does kings rock evolve?

slowpoke to slowking poliwhirl to politoed

How do you evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade the poliwhirl while it holds the item King's Rock then ask for the politoed back from the person you traded it to.

Can i get Politoed in Pokemon black2?

Yes, you can get Politoed in Pokémon Black 2, you will be able to find wild Politoed in Routes 6, 19 and 20 and you can also find it in the Floccesy Ranch, the Lostlorn Forest, the Victory Road and the Clay Tunnel.