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you cannot unlock him

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Q: How do you get pit in Super Smash Flash 2?
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Do super smash flash 2 have a vrius?

No, Super Smash Flash 2 does not have any viruses.

Does Super Smash Flash 2 have any viruses?

No, Mcleod's flash game Super Smash Flash 2 has no computer viruses.

Is Super Smash Flash 2 on a game systems?

No. Super Smash Flash is a Flash-based fan game designed to be like Super Smash Bros.

Is Super smash flash 2 v4 out?

theres already super smash flash 2 demo v7

Super smash flash 2 has meachagodzilla in it?

no Super smash fusion does have him

How do you unlock KNUKULS in super smash flash 2?

knuckles is not playable in super smash flash 2 but sonic and tails are

Can super smash flash have vegeta?

they might put him in super smash flash 2 demo 0.9

How do you unlock pictochat in Super Smash Bros flash 2?

PictoChat is not featured in the current demo of Super Smash Flash 2.

Is Donkey Kong in Super Smash Flash 2?

check youtube then type super smash flash 2 v0.8 and hell be there :)

Where you found the best Super Smash bros brawl flash?

super smash flash 2 coming soon

Is luigi on Super Smash Flash 2?

Yes,But Lockable character in Super Smash Flash version 1

How do you unlock Yoshi on Super Smash Flash 2?

how to unlock Yoshi on super smash flash 2