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Shadow isn't in Super Smash Flash 2 yet.

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Q: How do you get shadow in super smash flash2?
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When is super smash flash2 coming out?

does anyone know?

How do you turn super sonic in super smash flash2 demo?

you get the smash ball and then you press your special button

Are there More Locked character in Super Smash Flash2?

There are fifteen more locked characters in Super Flash 2. Some of the names of the characters are Blue, Shadow, and Zero.

When Super Smash Flash2 will come?

sorry but i think its coming out in November

When does super smash flash2 real version come out?

some where in December

Is Rayman going to be in super smash flash2?

He won't. That leak is fake.

The controls for player 2 in super smash flash2?

Type your answer here... asdwxfg

How do you get sonic in super smash flash2?

you don't have to unlock because he's already got for you

How do you get black mage on super smash flash2?

win a fight 3 times in a row on random

How do you download super smash flash2?

go to go to games on the top it will it will show a picture of super smash flash.2 under it will show a list of downloads for super smash flash.2 i hope i was of help :)

Where can you play the real super smash flash2?

Easy mcleodgaming if u cant wait for the demo DEAL WITH IT

When does super smash flash2 come out?

There has not been a precise date yet, but you can visit the Smash Flash Dojo ( for updates to the game.