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Try putting red pokeblock in the feeder in the safari zone and try your best to do the following: Stand in one part of grass and barely tap the D pad left right up and down to move your character but they will stay in the same spot this will save safari time you will be in the safari zone forever if you do this! When pinsir comes either try to catch it RIGHT away or get closer to it or use pokeblock to make it easier to catch its your decision.

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Q: How do you get pinsir easy on emerald?
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What level PINSIR does evolve on Pokemon emerald?

im sorry but you cant evolve pinsir

Does Pinsir evolve on Pokemon emerald?

No, pinsir has no evolutions, nit even in the new games, white and black

Where to get pinsir in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Safari Zone.

Where can you catch pinsir in emerald?

In the deep sand in the desert. at route 111

Where do you catch pinsir on Pokemon emerald?

Some where in the safari park :/ but I can't find it in there anywhere :'(

How do you get pinsir on pokemon emerald?

You can find one at the Safari Zone. It has a 5% chance of appearing.

Where to catch pinsir in Pokemon emerald?

One Route 121 outside Lilycove City there's a building. It's the entrance to the Safari Zone. Once in the Safari Zone, you can catch Pinsir in the NorthWest section. You'll need the Mach Bike to get there.

What does pinsir evolve into?

Pinsir does not evolve.

What does pinsir evolve into in Pokemon?

Pinsir does not have an evolution

What type is pinsir?

Pinsir is a Bug type.

What is better Scyther or Pinsir?

Definitely Pinsir!

What level does pinsir have to be to evolve?

pinsir doesn't evolve -.-