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You have to beat the league... There's a sage there (that will be useful later) There's a ton of lv. 60 trainers there.

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Q: How do you get past the cone in the dreamyard in pokemome white?
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How do you get past the hole in the wioth the boulder behind it in the dreamyard on Pokemon black?

You don't need to use the boulder to get in. Once you finish the main story the orange cone that was once blocking an entrance is now gone. Go past where it once was and you will be on the other side.

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Why is there a traffic cone in twist mountain on Pokemon black and how do you get past it?

You can't! Mua-ha-haa!

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Where do you get pansage in the first gym city?

At the Dreamyard just outside the city, past a couple of trainers to the right, you will see a women with black hair, if you talk to her she will give you the 3 monkey Pokemon and Pansage is one of them. If you have Snivy you will get Panpour, if you have Tepig you will get Pansage, If you have Oshawott you will get Pansear.

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You can't get past route 18 because there's nothing past it.

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