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first go make sure you have visited the gameroom on island 2. then go back to island 3 and you will be able to fight the bikers.

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Q: How do you get past the bikers in the third island in Pokemon Leafgreen?
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What to do after you find the third ruby on Pokemon LeafGreen?

sail to one island and go into Pokemon to celio.thanks!

In Pokemon LeafGreen LeafGreen where do you bring fossils?

On cinnabar Island, to the left of the pokemon center, lies a "laboratory". If you go inside, then go to the right and enter the third door. Talk to the Professor there.

What do you do with the old amber in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to cinnabar island and go into the Pokemon lab then go to the third room and talk to the weird scientist then go out of the third room and go back in and talk to him again and you'll get the Pokemon aerodactyl.

Where do you get the third badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Vermilion city.

What city do you get the third Pokemon badge in Leafgreen?

vermillon city

How do you get to third island on Pokemon crystal?

There is no Third Island in Pokémon Crystal

Is there a third game in the fire red and Pokemon LeafGreen series?

yes there is it's called Pokemon water blue

How do you go to the third island in Pokémon's emerald?

There isn't a third island in Pokemon emerald.

Where is the third gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The third gym is located in Vermilion City it is placed below the Pokemon Center and there is a tree you can Cut nearby it which is the only way to enter it at this time.

Where is the hm fly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to vermilion city and go to the boat on the third deck in a cabin

What Pokemon does the 3rd gym have in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The third gym is LT.Surge he has a voltorb pickachu and a raichu I forget what level they are but they are in between 26 to 20

Where do you revive fossils in leafgreen?

at the lab on cinnabar island the third door talk to the guy in the white lab suit