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It is just how you get past all the levels, play games and the daily quiz and you'll be on level 20 in no time.

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Q: How do you get past level 20 on Moshi monsters?
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How do you level up in less then 20 minutes on moshi monsters?

You can't.

Is there anyone on level 50 on moshi monsters?

No, no one is on Level 50. It's very true that wiiegor on moshi monsters is the best, currently on Level 26. (I think but he's defenitley in the 20's)

How do you make a person in moshi monsters?

You must be on like, level 20 or something REALLY high level

What level do you have to be to buy an IGGY hat on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be level 20 to buy an IGGY had no Moshi Monsters. But the IGGY hat does not always look right on your monster so it takes a bit of a while to fit it.

Do you get a free membership on level 20 of moshi monsters?

No, membership is something that you buy. It's not given out for free at different levels. To find out more about Moshi Membership click on the link at the top of the Moshi Monsters website.

Who has a Moshi Monsters account?

There are over 20 million Moshi Monsters in Monstro City.

What does Club 10 mean on Moshi Monsters?

Level 10 Club means that you have reached Level 10 on Moshi Monsters, so you are a member of the Level 10 Club. You can buy a Level 10 Club Badge at Yukea. There are also badges for the Level 20 Club and the Level 30 Club.

How do you expand on tiny monsters?

At some level you should be able to buy an expansion, some level past 20.

How much is moshi monsters moshlings zoo?

It's £20.

What happens when you complete super moshi on moshi monsters?

If you complete Super Moshi on Moshi Monsters you will get one moshling. Once you do all the Super Moshi Missions you will get a Rox Diamond that gives you 20 Rox Every Week.

How do you gt an overground flower on moshi monsters?

You can't get an overgrown plant like in real life. You can get moshlings with plants on moshi monsters in your can get many moshlings with the plants.Many monsters have over 20 moshlings in their zoo.You get the zoo when you're a moshi member.Moshi monsters is the best website I have ever played on the computer.Add me as you friend on moshi monsters I'm rosebud6020

How do you get the I.G.G.Y. hat on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be level 20 or higher. Go to the mall in Sludge Street and then go in any shop until you find the I.G.G.Y. hat.