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Kill the guys

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Q: How do you get past lair of death in swordigo?
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How do you find the master of chaos in swordigo?

You must beat the boss of lair of death go into the gate after you beat it then destroy chaos orb and master of chaos will appear.

How do you get dragon's grasp on swordigo?

In the fiery depths

What to do once your at chambers of power in swordigo?


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hi there mr

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How do you find Skullholme in Aqworlds?

Skullholme is a map (ie. a country) and can be found on your Map on the left side. The areas within Skullholme is Shadowfall (/join shadowfall), Bludrut Keep (/join bludrut), Vasalkr Lair (/join lair) and Death (/join death).

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By using a string that you tie at the beginning of the labyrinth.

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