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Pansear isn't in HeartGold, it's in Black/White, in the Unova region.

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Q: How do you get pansear on Pokemon HeartGold?
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What type of Pokemon is Pansear?

Pansear is a Fire type pokemon.

What are your chances to catch pansage and pansear in Pokemon black and white 2?

can you TRADE for a pansear on POKEMON WHITE 2!

What does pansear evolve to in Pokemon Black and White?

Pansear evolves by Fire Stone into Simisear.

What level douse pansear evolve Pokemon?

Pansear cannot evolve without a firestone... ^_^

What level does pansear evolve at in Pokemon black version?

Pansear evolves With a fire stone

Where and when do you catch pansear?

You can't catch pansear but you can receive him/her in the dreamyard in striaton city. the only way you can get pansear is by choosing the starter Pokemon oshawott.

What is the national pokedex number for Pansear?

Pansear is #513 in the national pokedex, and it is a Fire type Pokemon.

What Pokemon evolve with a fire stone on Pokemon white?


What Pokemon in Pokemon black evolve by stone?

pansear, pansage and panpour

Where can you find pansear in Pokemon white?

in pinwheel forest

What starter do you chose to get pansear Pokemon white?


What Pokemon evolve by yousing the fire stone in Pokemon black?

pansear the fire monkey pokemon