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Maybe your microphone is not working correctly. Go to the DSI menu, and click Settings. There will be a bar that says Mic Test, click it and blow in it to see if it is working. ( That is only for microphone in DSI) If you plugged in a microphone, well, I will just say it may not be working right, or it isn't connected at all. I hope this will help your problem. ATTENTION: If it still isn't working, you can delete this.

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Q: How do you get out of a fire trap in Pokemon Platinum when you're using an emulator and have tried connecting a mic and blowing in it but does not work?
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Is there really a mind blowing Pokemon in the resort area in Pokemon platinum?

no its just a lv 60 or higher magikarp. its not special.

How do you blow out the flames to get into the temple in Zelda Phantom Hourglass emulator?

On the emulator version, if your emulator as a button you can press to emulate blowing, then that's what you use. You may be able to use a microphone, but if you don't have that or a button then you can't.

What Pokemon in Pokemon platinum is the mind blowing ruler?

if that is something they said in the game, then the "mind blowing ruler" is either giratina or arceus Mathematically, arceus is the best because his stats add up to the highest in the Pokemon games. He is said to be the creator of Pokemon EDIT: The above person is actually wrong. The mind-blowing ruler is a lv. 100 Magikarp found only in the Resort Area, near the Battle Frontier. To catch it, you gotta use a Super Rod.

How do you wake the flute in Pokemon Blue?

By blowing in it

In Pokemon Platinum the guy in the small pool in the resort area says the mind blowing ruler of the sea is in the resort area what Pokemon is the blowing ruler of the sea?

its a magikarp lvl 60 or over i caught a lvl 80 magikarp with one dive ball you catch magikarp in the water under the guys pool not the pool but the water you can surf and use fishing rods (i would recommend a super rod)

Why does the fuse keep blowing after connecting the wires to a very old aftermarket horn?

the horn should be hooked up to a relay, horns generaly require to much current for a fuse

What to do if Pokemon soul silver won't turn on?

play a different game, try blowing in the card insert area

In Pokemon diamond how do you get out of a ember trap in computer version?

simply blow them away literally with your mouth by blowing into the microphone on your DS.

My Pokemon Platinum Game Freezes when you enter lake valor I need some help with this bad.?

try saving the game and taking it out and blowing on it wipe it with a antibiotic cloth like a baby wipe and then blow it some more and expose it to the air outside then try it again good luck getting it fixed if that doesnt work it might be your ds(i)

Where are the new Pokemon in platinum?

Most of the new Pokemon you get are evolutions. The legendaries are not. Go to for the regulars Arceus: Get azure flute and climb to spear pillar. Say yes to blowing in flute.Regigigas: Get all three Regis, and go through Snowpoint temple to bottom.Cressela: Get sailor to sail you to Full Moon IslandDarkrai: Get member pass to go to Half Moon IslandShaymin: Get Oak's Letter and travel to Route 224Dialga: Get National Pokedex, talk to Celeste Elder, get Adament Orb, and go to Spear Pillar.Palkia: Same as DialgaManaphy: Transfer Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger

Is blowing a noun?

No, blowing is not a noun. It is a verb.

How do you get the azure flute start blowing in Pokemon diamond?

you open your bag and press a on the flute. it will say do you want to play it say yes and the stairs will apear.