How do you get new hair in Sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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put a mirror in your house, then click on it, select the option 'change appearance' and you can change the colour and style of your hair, and you can re-do or apply make-up to your sim.

If you want any more hairstyles than the ones already there, you can visit The Sims 3 official website and download more hair from the store

hope this helped

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Q: How do you get new hair in Sims 3?
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When you purchase the sims 3 world adventures do you get new hair styles and new clothing?

Yes, but not many.

Where can you find hair for Sims 3?

If you go to the sims 3 website you can buy hair and download it. or you can download or the exchange for FREE.

How do you download hair to Sims 3?

From the sims 3 exchange you can download hair and all kinds of features from 'ModTheSims' aswell

Is there a new sims?

Sims 3

Does the hair you download from The Sims Resource show on The Sims 3?

You must have the sims launch open, and the hair/whatever, must be installed on to the sims. Also, you must be logged on in your launcher!

What is new in Sims 3?

There is a new expansion pack called The Sims 3 Showtime

What is the new sims game?

Sims 3

Is the new Sims 3 master suite out?

The new Sims 3 master suite is already out

On the sims 3 if you don't like your sims hair can you change it by getting a mirror like you could on the sims 2?

Why yes you can :)

What is the difference between Sims 3 and Sims 3 generations?

The Sims 3 is the base game for the whole Sims 3 franchise. To play the Sims 3 Generations, you must have the base game. Sims 3 Generations is an expansion pack which includes things like new hair, clothing, and furnishing. You are also able to record home movies as a Sim, take afterschool classes (ballet and scouting) as a child, and do tons more. The Sims 3 Generations makes things like prom and graduation available for teen Sims. Sims 3 Generations focuses a great deal on the teen and children section of Sims lives.

How do you download things on Sims 3?

normally, on the sims 3 game launcher, it has the store, at the bottom click go to the exchange, from then on, you can download sims, hair,clothes e.t.c

On sims 3 how do you make a new lot?

If you have the sims 3 ambitions, you can create a new lot in Edit Town