How do you get munchlax in emerald?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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you cant munchlax is knew on the Pokemon diamond and pearl national dex.

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Q: How do you get munchlax in emerald?
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How do you Munchlax in emerald version?

You Don't. Munchlax was not made yet in that game

How do you get a munchlax in Pokemon emerald?

munchlax didnt exist in the 3rd generation of Pokemon games

Where to get Munchlax in Pokemon sapphire version?

Munchlax is a Sinnoh region Pokemon, which when Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald were released, Sinnoh did not exist yet. It is unobtainable in the three games.

How do you catch a wild munchlax in Pokemon emerald?

you cant because it doesent properly exist on ruby,sapphire or emerald you probaly confused because may's got one on the series but you wont be able to get a munchlax unless you buy Pokemon diamond,pearl orplatinum . hope i helped

How can you get munchlax on Pokemon Emerald?

You're thinking of generation 4, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald is generation 3. In generation 4 they added a de-evoultion of pokemon like Snorlax.

Why is Munchlax called Munchlax?

Munchlax's name has "munch" in it. And he eats allot. So his name is Munchlax because he eats.^_^

Can you catch munchlax in Pokemon emerald?

im pretty sure you can, but ive never tried it. only one way to really know, right? buddy, why did u answer a question with a wrong answer? and who ever asked this question is a NOOB becuz munchlax doesn't appear until the 4th generation, dumbasses.

Where the heck do you get a munchlax or snorelax?

To get a munchlax, smear honey on a tree. only 5 trees in the game are munchlax trees and are picked at random. you have a 2% chance of getting a munchlax from a munchlax tree

How do you start as munchlax?

you don't. Munchlax is not a starter pokemon.

How do you become a munchlax in explorers of sky?

you cant.... be a munchlax!..... the horror!! -katrina

How do you go to trade munchlax in Pokemon white?

Go to the GTS and if you have Munchlax in your Pokedex, send in a Pokemon and ask for a Munchlax.

How does munchlax evolve?

Train your munchlax into liking you 70% and it will evolve