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You must breed evee or an evolution of it at the breeding place on four island.

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Q: How do you get more than one eevee in Pokemon fire red?
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Pokemon firered version is there more than one Eevee?

No, but if you have a girl or a ditto you can breed it and get more eevee's.

How do you get more than one eevee in Pokemon soulsilver?

Breed in the daycare with ditto

Can you get more than 1 Eevee in platinum?

To get more than 1 Eevee on Pokemon platinum you can migrate some from a Pokemon GBA game OR get a Ditto and breed it with your Eevee. The final way is to use an action replay/gameshark to find some more. The codes for an action replay can be found at

Can you get eve more than once on Pokemon platinum?

If you breed Eevee you can get Eevee eggs, but otherwise, no, you're only given one Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome.

Which stones make which Pokemon evolve?

Please note Eevee and Gloom can evolve through use of more than 1 stone. Listed only relates to the cateogory this is in, there are many other Pokemon in later generations. Thunder: Pikachu Eevee Moon: Nidorina Nidorino Clefairy Fire Vulpix Growlithe Jigglypuff Eevee Grass: Gloom Weepinbell Exeggcute Sun: Gloom Water: Poliwhirl Eevee Staryu Shellder

How do you get a Pokemon with more than 400 attack on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokemon fire red how to have more Pokemon more than 6 Pokemon

How do you get more than one Eevee in Pokemon gold?

Breed eevee with a ditto. This works for both male and female eevees, although if you are lucky enough to own a female eevee then there are other Pokemon you can breed it with. Check for a list

Can you get more than one eevee in Pokemon platinum version without trading Pokemon?

yes, it is a mansion Pokemon well you can also breed it at the daycare with a ditto, then hatch the egg

How do you get evee more than once in Pokemon pearl?

first you need: national dexdittoeevee or any of the eeveelutionsfirst put eevee and ditto in the daycarethen get the eggand walk about 8900 steps and you will get an eevee

Can you get more than one eevee without trading in Pokemon firered?

Yes, once you beat the elite four you can breed it.

Can you get more than one eevee in Pokemon Conquest?

Yes, they will alert you and say, "There seems to be an interesting Pokémon in [Kingdom's Name]!" You can link with it.

How do you get an Eevee in Pokemon platinum other than bebe and the trovie gardens?

You have to find a Ditto and put it in the daycare centre with an eevee or one of it's evolvee's to get eevee eggs :)