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I do not think you can get more power in a city besides selling a game or a carnival ride.

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Q: How do you get more power on thrillville wii?
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How do you get unlimited money and power in Thrillville of the Rails for Wii?

There is no unlimited money code or unlimited power code but there is one that gives you 50,000$ its CZBCZBA

Do you need a memary card for thrillville of the rails for Wii to save it?


How do you get people to follow you on thrillville off the rails for the Wii?

You can't.

Who is the spy on thrillville of the rails on Wii?

finish all the missions and you will find out...

The high score screen in thrillville off the rails for wii?

a the title menu enter Frillthrill

How much will gamestop give you for thrillville off of the rails for wii?

I went in to trade it in and they only have me 80 cents...

How do you do a special moves on the trampoline in thrillville off the rails for Wii?

You can press A and C, C and B, B and A, or all at once.

How do you defeat Tim Twinklefingers in the sparkle quest in Thrillville Off the Rails for the Wii?

timothy is the one he is hard to beat so you will have to have skill

How do you beat Formula Thrills in Thrillville Off the Rails for Wii?

Its actually a go-cart ride that you have to build (at a certain skill level)

When did Thrillville happen?

Thrillville happened in 2006.

What is better a PlayStation 3 or wii?

The PS3 has more abilities and power, but does cost more

When was Thrillville created?

Thrillville was created on 2006-11-21.