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You need to buy them at Toys R Us and then type the code on the card on the website to earn the prize which is using that in Card Jitsu

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Q: How do you get more card-jitsu cards?
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Where is the codes to upload new cards on a Club Penguin?

To get more cardjitsu cards I'm afraid the only way is to buy a pack of cardjitsu cards from shops like WHSmith or Morrisons. In each pack will be a code that will give you 3 or 4 cardjitsu card in your online deck.

What are the cheats for club penguin cardjitsu cards?

there ar'ent any

How do you get power cards on clubpenguincom?

I will tell you club penguin fans out there, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! no get cardjitsu cards at places like toys r us and coles every code of cardjitsu unlocks one strong card ( 9 to 12) the wavy ones so every time you buy a pack there 3 packs in one pack of cardjitsu cards so you get like 3 power cards per pack

Does anybody have a unused cardjitsu code for club penguin cause you cant defeat sensei with my normal cards?

I have but i hardly ever login anymore...

Where to type in cardjitsu code?

When you go to the dojo there is a little icon in the bottom right corner and there you will find your progress and how many cards you have. on the right side there should be a button that says + new cards. There you will type in the card code on one of the blank cards with random characters on it.

Senseis password on club penguin?


Can you do the same code again on cardjitsu club penguin?

sorry but no

What are some new cardjitsu codes clubpenguin?

card jitsu

How do you win sensei with normal cardjitsu cards on club penguin?

You have to get the black belt and then wear it while playing against the Sensei then you will win against him all with the same amount of cards you had in the starter pack. Hope this Helped. My name on Club Penguin is SuperJosh635

How do you get snow cardjitsu on club penguin?

Snow card jitsu is not released. Currently, this is impossible.

How many people do you beat to get to black belt from brown belt on club pennguin?

it depends on how good u r in cardjitsu

How do you become a black belt on cp?

Play CardJitsu a lot. To earn belts quickly talk to the Sensei and select "earn your belts".