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You can obtain it from Daimyo Hermitaur,Yian Kut Ku Blue or Red ,basarios and Diablos.

Its hard to get but its very good for making weapons and armor

you can get it as a reward

P.S:Rarity 5:)

Good luck and keep trying your best!!!

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Q: How do you get monster bone plus in mhf2?
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How can you get monster bone plus in monster hunter freedom?

4*+ Elder quests. If I recall correctly, the Green Plesioth awarded Monster Bone+.

List of monster hunter 2 combinding?

my favorite place to go for answers like this is monster hunter wiki

Mhf2 PC download?

MHF2 cannot be downloaded for the computer

Where can you get a monster bone plus monster hunter freedom unite?

By hunting a khezu, rathalos, rathian etc... The first time I got any monster bone +, it was when I got 3 of them from one run of the 5* village quest "Small Shadow over the Swamp".

Where can you get a large monster bone monster hunter freedom 2?

You get a large monster bone from the large monsters like the kut-ku.

How do you get an expand pickaxe in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 MHF2?

I think you need to do Monoblos and Gravios trainings or F&H Treasure Hunting and get 2000 or more points, you should get them in Rewards

Where to get a monster bone plus in mhfu?

i dont know but i am trying to kill a tigrex and need mb+ well if you check out the down-loadable mission " they call it mega yian kut-ku " you have a good chance of getting up to three monster bone+ in the reward afterwards

How do you get a large monster bone?


What does blue plus cookie plus monster equals?

Blue Cookie Monster

Were can you get a med monster bone monster hunter freedom?

You can get them by killing monsters with shells in the dessert.

How do you get the kut ku coins in monster hunters freedom 2?

In MHFU (monster hunter freedom unite) you get them from the training school for beating a kut-ku (there are other coins for other monsters you beat in training school). since MHFU is the next game in the series after MHF2, i would say its in the training school as well. All you need to do is kill the kut-ku there. You get 2 coins per win plus black belt tokens.

How do you get a monster bone in monster hunter?

Just keep hunting monsters. You get really weird monster bones near the end.