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you need to first go to the power plant and find out that there was a thief and then find him in Misty's gym and then interrupt misty's date on route 25

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Q: How do you get misty back to her gym in heartgold?
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How do you activate the misty mermaid event on ash gray?

Go to the Gym talk to Misty than go to the pokemon league and go back to Misty

In Pokemon soul silver how do you get misty to come back to the gym?

first you have to go the power plant and talk to the manager then exit the powerplant and go to the gym there you have to find the missing part take it back to the powerplant then go to Cerulean Point there you will interrupt misty and her date and she will go back to the gym

How do you find misty in soul silver?

go to the end of cerulen cape then talk to Misty. go back to cerulan city and she will be at the gym.

What do you do to get musty back to the gym in heartgold?

In order to get Misty and the gain back to the gym. You first have to visit the Power plant way down on north of Lavender Town and under near the Rock Tunnel. (You need to take The Rock Tunnel to get to it) You need a Pokemon that knows FLASH! Once you are at the power plant talk to the people and they will tell you that a thief stole a piece of the machine. Then go back Cerulean City, go to the gym, the thief will be waiting for you, he will run away, but will be on the bridge. You will battle him but don't worry he has weak Pokemon. After that continue go north, then battle seven trainers to get to Misty. (she will be up on a hill with her Boyfriend) You can return to the Gym and take on Misty! (Remember she uses Water Pokemon)

Where do you go after you found the shady carecter in cerulean gym in Pokemon heart gold?

Go out to route 25 and misty will be there when u get to the end. When she and her boyfriend see u, misty will go back to the gym for u to battle.

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How do you get Misty's gym back for her in Pokemon HeartGold?

Travel to the end of Route 25 and she will be standing there.

Is misty ever coming to Pokemon again?

misty will be a gym leader in HeartGold and SoulSilver

How do you get misty to go to the gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

Beat the rest of the gym leaders first.

Where does the team rocket guy hide the generator in Pokemon heartgold?

He hides the generator in the Cerulean Gym beside a swimming tube at the back of the gym (Around where misty would have been in the Gym)

How do you go to the power plant in HeartGold?

USE YOUR MAP and it is near the water gym(gym leader misty)

Where is the generator piece in Pokemon HeartGold?

it is in misty's gym press a on the life savers

When can you do the cerulean gym HeartGold?

Once you get the generator part out of the cerulean gym and take it to the power plant go up to the cape and misty will be there. Walk up and she'll see you and then go back to the gym. Then you can battle her

How do you complete the gym in Pokemon HeartGold cerulean?

You must go and battle Misty. Once you defeat her, she will give you a badge. You have then defeated the gym.

In Pokemon SoulSilver when does Misty the Gym Leader come back?

You go across the gold bridge. There you'll see a team rocket grunt. Go back to Misty's gym and look for a part in the inflatble tubes. Go back to the power plant then it's back to the bridge to battle everyone. Soon you will find Misty and she will come back with you. Go to the gym and battle her.

What happens to misty in Pokemon movie 7?

She goes back to the Cerulean gym to be the Gym Leader

How do you activate the misty mermaid event on ash gray?

Go to the Gym talk to Misty than go to the pokemon league and go back to Misty

How do you get suicon in Pokemon HeartGold?

After you beat the Cerulean Gym it is up on the cape where you find Misty. You have to see it at other points during the game though