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after you defeat blue go to Prof oak and he will move the trainer out side the cave in cerulean and find your way through their and you will find it at level 70

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Q: How do you get mew two in Pokemon Gold?
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Where can you find mew two in Pokemon gold?

You have to trade it from RBY

How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Gold?

You Can't Catch Mew In Gold Or Silver But You Can In Pokemon Yellow And Send It To Pokemon Gold, Silver, and CrystalPlease don't add links or information about catching Mew in other versions. Mew cannot be caught in Pokemon Gold. You can only get it by an event or trading it from a generation 1 game.there is a seven step solution on how to get Mew in Pokemon Yello

Who is mew two?

Mew two is a Pokemon from the series "Pokemon."

What are the Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

mew and mew two

Where do you capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

Look up in YuTube how to capture mew Pokemon gold if u wanna catch mew the almighty!!!!!

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

mew and mew two

Where do you find Mew in Pokemon Gold?

Mew can be found in Pokemon gold by finding Pikachu and going up its buns and Mew is located next to the Kidney, but for a special treat Mew 2 can be found by looking by the colon

How do you catch mew in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Mew can't be catched in Pokemon heartgold, only mewtwo.

How do you get mew two in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to migrate it or have some one with soul silver or heart gold trade it to you

How do you get mew-two in Pokemon gold version?

kill profeser oakANSWERYou probably can't. Another option is trading with a Pokemon game that has mewtwo in it

What Pokemon legend in Pokemon siver?

In Pokemon Soul silver or silver or gold, the legendaries you can get is Lugia, Suicune, Entai, Raikou, Mew and Mew 2

Where do you find Mew in Pokemon Heart Gold?

curmen cave