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Go to the GTS (Jubilife City) and search Mew and trade for an offer you think reasonable


Offer a Pokemon for a mew with the criteria that you would like, just remember, stay reasonable.

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Q: How do you get mew threw wi - fi conetion in Pokemon pearl?
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How to catch mew in Pokemon Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught on Pokémon Pearl.

Pokemon pearl were do you get mew?

how to find mew and mew twoall you need to do is get gba Pokemon which mew will be in that is howI got mew and mew twoif you've got Pokemon diamond and pearl and platinum you can go to the wi fi connection place (providing you have wi fi) and you can look to trade one of your Pokemon for a mew or mewtwo PS most people have them threw cheats so don't put a really good Pokemon up for trade straight away because they go quite easily

Were do you find mew in Pokemon Pearl for the DS?

You can't find an actual Mew in Pokemon pearl You'll either have to migrate mew,or use action replay

What Pokemon games can catch mew?

Pokemon pearl

Where do you get mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You cant get a Mew without hack

Who give you mew in Pokemon Pearl?

you can not get mew in Pokemon pearl unless you use the action replay cards or swap it over a GBA card.

Where to find Mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You need the action replay code.

How do you get a shiny mew on Pokemon pearl?


How do you get mew on pokemon pearl or diamond?


Where can you get mew in peal?

You may receive Mew in Pokemon Pearl by storing 999 Pokemon in "My Pokemon Ranch" for Nintendo Wii, where Hayley will trade you one, which you can then import to your Pearl game.

How do you get Mew in Pokemon pearl without cheats?

If you have log cabin ranch then you can receive Mew from Hayley(only pearl/diamond)

Mew in Pokemon Pearl?

No either trade our hack