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Castelia City. Go to the Fountain Waterpiece. Go to the middle street on the left side. Or look at the signs for Narrow Street. Go into the cafe and talk to the guy with the guitar with the meloetta at the front of your party. He sings the Relic Song to change meloetta. Happy looking, you hacker.

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Q: How do you get meloetta in Pokemon black to change forms?
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How do you get meloatta to change forms in Pokemon black?

Ok so first of all I love meloetta its my favorite, and to do that is to first go to cafe sonata in castellia city and go to the musician (meloetta must be in your party) and a cutscene will play and after that she will learn a move called Ancient Song. Now, if you go into battle and use that move, it won't only do damage to the opponent but meloetta will change to her piroette form.(sort of like Samus Iran from metroid transforming out of her suit, its pretty sweet.)

How many forms does meloetta have?

meloetta has six forms aria, pirouette, radiance, choir, celestic, and archery

What speacil things can you do if you have Arceus in Pokemon Black?

It is special not speacil. The answer is.... I suggest change it's forms and have battles. That's what I do with my Arceus in my Pokemon Black. I am not trading you. This is your answer. Thank you.

How does darmanitan change forms in Pokemon black?

Darmanitan will change to its Zen Mode in the events of its hit points going down to half of its hit points.

Where do I go to actually change Rotom's form in Pokemon pearl?

You do not go anywhere in "Pearl" to change Rotom's forms because you can't change its forms in "Diamond" or "Pearl." Rotom is only capable of changing forms in Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black or White.

What is the best legendary Pokemon in Pokemon white and black?

4. Kyurem 3./2. Keldeo/Melleota (forms doesn't matter) 1. Genesect (use cassettes to change its steel form)

In Pokemon platinum what does the secret key do?

You unlock a place where Rotom can change its forms.

How do you Chan ge the ball when you capture a Pokemon?

I don't think that you can particularly CHANGE your pokeballs in pokemon. It is a really RARE sight for pokeballs to change forms. If it has maybe it is a glitch or something. Otherwise, I think it is impossible for pokeballs to change forms.

How do you make Rotom change forms on Pokemon platinum?

you cant now...

What Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon white but not black?

petilil, throh, zehkrom, rufflet, braviary, solosis, and their evolve forms.

How do you change deoxes forms in Pokemon dimand?

You go to the meteorites in Veilstone city

How do you change castforms form in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a weather condition to turn into different forms (pokemon masta rulez!) you need a weather condition to turn into different forms (pokemon masta rulez!)