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well first you have to reach the "partner stage with someone. After that whenever you click "Be Romantic", you will have more options if you drag down, after "Tender Embrace" there will be Hot Smooch. After you Hot Smooch with a person a few times, the options "WooHoo" (to have sex), and the option "Propose Marriage" will come up. Click Propose Marriage and if your partner says yes then he/she will become your fiancee. If he/she says no, just keep trying. After that you can scroll down and you will see "Get Married". Click on that and Voila! You are married. P.S. To get your spouse to move into your house, click on your phone and go to invite over . . . Then scroll down and click your spouse. When your spouse comes, scroll down on you options and click "Actions". After that click "Ask to move in" and your spouse is you housemate!!!

P.P.S You cannot have kids.

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Q: How do you get married in the Sims 3 app?
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There is a app on the iPad called Sims Freeplay. It is free with in-app purchases but you can't get the sims 3 on the iPad.

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No In Ipod There Is No Baby marshmellow813's answer: yes actually you can mine just arrived you just have to get married to someone, hit click try for baby (under be romantic at bottom), and then just wait a while *** Actually, you cannot have babies on the Sims 3 app. However, you can have one baby on the Sims 3 Ambitions app.

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You can get married on the Sims 3 ambitions

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Yes you can still get married after you are divorced on the Sims 3

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You can get the Sims 3 (computer game) on or if you are looking for the Sims 3 app for your iPhone,iPad, or iPod you can get it from the Apple iTunes App Store.

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Get it from the app store.