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Once your membership has run out&you renew it, you will get a line underneath your badge . you will receive another when you renew again&so on&so forth.

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Q: How do you get lines under your membership badge on club penguin?
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How do you top up your membership on club penguin?

If you mean those little colored strips under your badge on your player card, I'm not sure. lol

What are the bars under a Club Penguin membership sign?

It determines how long they have their membership for.

How do you get the lines on your Member Badge in your player card in Club Penguin?

its impossible if you mean the membership and under it is colors there is a way you have to be a member at least 3 times or be very old in club penguin.

What are the stripes under your member badge on Club Penguin?

it represents how long you have been a member on club penguin

My penguin is about 105 days old and i was wondering if i will ever get those bars under my membership badge I renew it every month automaticaly soo will i get any or what?

Hi sweetie! Listen when you have your cp membership for a year you'll get a blue bar! next a orange one and then i believe it might be white?

How can you get club penguin membership in English pounds?

I think you have to logg in under the endland server first.

What does it mean when you have a orange and blue line under your membership in club penguin?

Wow you should listen to this person that's a really good answer I love Miley xx

In club penguin what are the colored things in your character page under the membership logo?

They are chevrons and you get them according to how many times you have been a member

Why are ribbons under membership badges on Club Penguin?

It shows how long you've been a member. ADD ME ON CP MY NAMES PIXIEOAK121

How do you get those belt looking things under your member symbol on Cub Penguin?

every time you get another membership the belt goes up

What are those things under the club penguin member sign?

They are stars, and they signify how long your membership is. the more stars and different colours, is the longer memberships. :)

Is membership on club penguin only for Americans?

no, not necessarily. other people around the world can join. if you dont under stand English, you can change it by a button on top