How do you get level 100 Pokemon?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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ok my name is tyler i am the Pokemon master.i got my level 100 electrode by doing this without action replay.1 put your ds on your charger.2 go to the day care.3 put any Pokemon in the day care.4 leve your ds on all night on the charger.5 it might not be level 100 1 night .if not keep doing. make sure u leve whatever version u got on all night.7 it don't matter where u are on the game just leve it on

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Q: How do you get level 100 Pokemon?
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What do you recommend for a Pokemon team in Pokemon soulsilver?

I recommend a level 100 lugia or ho-oh,a level 100 raiko,a level 100 arceus ,level 100 of any of the starters,level 100 scizor, and a level 100 of any Pokemon you choose

Whereare lv 100 Pokemon?

You can't catch Level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon game. The highest catching Level in Pokemon is Level 80. You need to raise your Pokemon to Level 100 or trade for a Level 100 Pokemon to get one. You can also challenge Level 100 Pokemon, but only in the organized challenges of the Pokemon games (i.e. Battle Tower, Trainer Tower).

How do you get a Pokemon lv500?

There is no level 500 Pokemon. The highest level that a Pokemon can be is level 100.

What is level 100 Pokemon indigo room?

There's no room that has level 100 Pokemon.

How do you get Pokemon over level 100?

you have to battle against other Pokemon that are level 100

Can you get Pokemon level higher than 100?

No you can not get Pokemon higher than level 100.

What is the highest level your Pokemon get to in Pokemon emerald?

Level 100.

Pokemon diamond how to level up your Pokemon to level 100?

Train your pokemon.

How do you get your Pokemon level 100?

You can get your Pokemon to level 100 by having them obtain enough exp to level up while they are at level 99.

If your Pokemon is at level 100 can you raise it to level 101?

NO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! In red and blue only pokemon's level can go way beyond level 100.

Need help with Pokemon team?

you should have.giratina level 100,regigigas level 100,rayquaza level 100,and a kyogre level 100these Pokemon are really good,maby a groudon level 100.

Can you find a Pokemon level 100 in a Pokemon game?

No, unless you have an action replay. You can also raise a Pokemon up to level 100.