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I have no idea how to have kids on the sims for ps2 bc i play it on xbox but its probably the same thing so all u do is when ur making ur sim, and u want it to be a kid, just switch to the smaller body choice then it changes the adult to a kid. I think the choice to be a kid or adult is in the sections where u pick the sims Zodiac sign, gender, ect. Or an easier way is to have the kid urself. Just get to sims (Specifically a boy and girl), make them make out and fall in love, then it will ask u if u want to have a baby or not. Choose yes, then u get to name it but u have to c if its a boy or girl by looking at the top of the message thing where u name the baby. It will say "congrats its a...!" then there u have it. But one small tip, make sure to actually take care of the thing or else cps will take it away. No joke. Oh and the baby grows up but u might have to edit the way it looks when it grows up cuz they sometimes have clown makeup on for some reason? Lol. Well it does that to me at least...idk.

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Q: How do you get kids on sims 2 bustin out ps2?
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Can you have kids on sims 2 ps2 game?

No, but you can have kids on The Sims 2 pc, The Sims ps2, & The Sims Bustin' out ps2. IF YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION EMAIL ME AT DANAGIRL444@GMAIL.COM ~SiMqUeSt~

Can any PS2 version in Sims series have kids?

yes sims platinum, sims bustin out and i think sims 2 platinum

What is the best sims game on ps2?

Theres a lot of Sims on ps2 like: The Sims The Sims Bustin' Out The Sims 2 The Sims 2 Pets The Sims Castaway I'd say Bustin' Out is the best.

How do you make a baby on sims 2 ps2?

you cant make babies on sims 2 ps2, you can only do it with woohoo, i think you CAN on the sims bustin out ps2, maybe.

Can you make your baby your own self in the sims 2 on ps2?

no but if you have the sims or the sims bustin out for ps2 you could be a make a kid and an adult as yourself.

Can you have a baby on The Sims 2 for the ps2?

No. You can only have a baby on Sims Bustin Out for PS2. But, if you have a Windows or Mac, then you can get Sims 2 for it, then you can have a baby. Or Sims Life Stories. Either way. Hope I helped.

Can you get sims 2 bon voyage on ps2?

No you can't ,all sims 2 expansion packs come on PC and PC only the only sims game that comes on ps2 is the sims,the sims 2,the sims bustin out. hope i helped =)))

What Sims games are there for PS2?

the sims,the sims 2,the sims bustin out,the sims2 castaway,the sims2 pets,the sims 2 nightlife,the sims 2 open for business[there may be more]

How do you get sims pregnant on sims 2 ps2?

Good question. The truth is you cant. The only Sims game for the ps2 that you can get pregnant on is Sims Bustin out. I have that game and i like it. Also in that game there are pools and stuff.

How many sims are on ps2?

The are 6 Sims PS2 games The Sims and The Sims 2and also The Sims 2 Pets or The Sims 2 Castaways are four of them . There is also The Sims Bustin' Out and Urbz: Sims in the City . The Sims 3 was not released for the PS2 and was instead released for the PS3. Future versions of the Sims are also expected to be released for the PS3 instead of the PS2

What sims games for ps2 can have kids?

There is only one sim game for ps2 where you CAN have babies, and that is The Original Sims, or Sims 1 as it is commonly known, it's rather easy to you have a man and a woman kiss over and over again and eventually one or the other will ask if the other wants to have baby, choose yes; or if you have a same sex couple, remember to ALWAYS answer your phone for it might be the adoption agency asking if you want to adopt again choose yes, you might never get the chance again.You can also have kids in "The Sims Bustin' Out" by kissing. The sims 2 for ps2 or any console DOES NOT have kids. Only the sims 2 for computer allows your sims to have children.If you want to have kids on a console version, then buy the sims bustin' out or "the sims 1".

Can you have kids on the sims 2 bustin out?

No you can't have kids on the sims 2 bustin out because the whole aim of the game is to try and get the mansion off mimi's dad and complete the goals and there is no time to look after a child.