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There is only one sim game for ps2 where you CAN have babies, and that is The Original Sims, or Sims 1 as it is commonly known, it's rather easy to you have a man and a woman kiss over and over again and eventually one or the other will ask if the other wants to have baby, choose yes; or if you have a same sex couple, remember to ALWAYS answer your phone for it might be the adoption agency asking if you want to adopt again choose yes, you might never get the chance again.

You can also have kids in "The Sims Bustin' Out" by kissing. The sims 2 for ps2 or any console DOES NOT have kids. Only the sims 2 for computer allows your sims to have children.

If you want to have kids on a console version, then buy the sims bustin' out or "The Sims 1".

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Q: What sims games for ps2 can have kids?
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Can you have kids on sims 2 ps2 game?

No, but you can have kids on The Sims 2 pc, The Sims ps2, & The Sims Bustin' out ps2. IF YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION EMAIL ME AT DANAGIRL444@GMAIL.COM ~SiMqUeSt~

In what sims ps2 games can a sim have a child?

You can't have any kids on ps2.If you have a Ps3,Wii and Nintendo Ds Sims 3 is coming out 29 October 2010!!!

How do you get kids in the sims 2 on ps2?

You can not get pregnant have babies or kids in PS2 version

Can you have kids in the sims 2 ps2?

No you can not get pregnant, have babies, or have kids in the PS2 version of the game

Can you get kids on sims 2 ps2?

yes, you can on the original sims ps2 game but on everything else you can't

Can you get kids on the sims 2 castaway for ps2?


How do you have kids on The Sims 2 PS2?

You don't

Is there such thing as Sims 2 Kids PS2?

No there is not

Can you get the Sims 3 on PS2?

EA games is bringing The Sims 3 to the PS3, not PS2.

How can i do a kid in sims 2 for ps2?

You don't have babies or kids in the PS2 version

Can my sims have a baby in PS2?

in the sims 1 for the PS2 you can have a baby, have two sims make out few times or have them both relax in a bed and select "play in bed" if you have the sims 2 for the PS2 then you can't have kids.

Can you have mermaids on the sims 2 for ps2?

no, you can not have mermaids on the PS2 version.