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get an eevee and evolve it into a thunderstone

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Q: How do you get jolteon in pokemon heartgold?
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Is this a good heartgold team Scizor Crobat Monferno Jolteon and Feraligatr Also what do you think should be my sixth Pokemon?

Honestly, It Depends on the level and moves. I personally love jolteon. Your 6th Pokemon Can Be HoOh.

What beats a poliwrath on Pokemon HeartGold?

Use a good Electric-type Pokemon such as a jolteon or flaafy, ampharos or mareep. Use the same electric type Pokemon you used for gym leader Falkner. Hope I helped!

What level does jolteon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Jolteon does not evolve, but to get a Jolteon you need a thunderstone to evolve an Eevee into Jolteon.

When does Jolteon learn Spark on Pokemon FireRed?

Jolteon can't learn Spark on Pokemon FireRed.

What is the best team to defeat red with in Pokemon heartgold?

Feraligator, Snorlax, Mewtwo, Eevee or an evolved form(preferably Jolteon), Lugia, and Teddiursa. All should be at least 70.

Pokemon Pearl what pokemon is 135 in the pokedex?


Who Pokemon is number 135 in Pokemon Platinum?


What are the seven forms of Eevee of Pokemon HeartGold?

The seven evolution forms of eevee in heart gold are jolteon, flareon, vapourion, espeon, umbreon, glaceon and lastly leafeon. i hope this helps :)

What is the 135 Pokemon on pearl?


What Pokemon is 135 on diamond?


What Pokemon do you get when you breed jolteon?


Can you breed jolteon with another electric type Pokemon?

no, only with another jolteon or ditto