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Win all the 8 gyms first. How dumb are you?

Go get your head checked

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Q: How do you get into the victory road cave that the guy is blocking?
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How do you get past the guy blocking the cave exit in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the pokemon league and if youre talking about the one on victory road you have to get the national pokedex

Where is the guy blocking your way to get to route 224 in Pokemon platinum?

he is in victory road.

Where do you get the item leftovers in Pokemon platinum?

once you get the national dex you can go back to victory road where the guy was blocking the secret cave you help the girl then in there there's a place where you can surf and voila

How do you get past the guy who's blocking the hole in the victory road?

Beat the Elite Four and get the National Dex.

How do you go to route 224 on platinum?

first you have to beat the Pokemon league and get the national pokedex then go in victory road where the guy was blocking it it should be open go in go through the rest of the cave and you will come out at route 224

How do you get past the fat guy blocking your way in victory road in diamond?

you have to get all eight badges from all the gym leaders.

How do you catch dewgong?

in platinum after you have gotten national dex go to victory road in the room the guy was blocking and find and catch dewgong

How do you get to rt 225 on Pokemon perl?

Go into victory road. near the end, instead of going to the pokemon league, go the other way and there will be a cave. go through there to end up on rt.225 (where you catch shaymin if you have oak's letter). if you do this before you complete the sinnoh dex, a guy will be blocking the cave.

How do you get into the cave at the end of victory road?

You have to complete the regular pokedex and obtain the national one. then the guy will leave and there will be a pokemon trainer, marley, who will team up with you to get to the end of the cave

Where is the guy blocking the path in the cave in Pokemon Diamond?

The guy blocking the cave is Cyrus and he is in spear pillar after you meet him the first time but you need 7 badges to get to spear pillar

How do you get past that guy blocking the cave to get to spear piller?

In which game?

What kind of claw does a sneasel hold when you catch it?

a razor claw (you can find one in the extra part of victory road which a guy is blocking until you get the national pokedex)