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you have to get all eight badges from all the gym leaders.

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Q: How do you get past the fat guy blocking your way in victory road in diamond?
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How do you get past the guy blocking the cave exit in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the pokemon league and if youre talking about the one on victory road you have to get the national pokedex

How do you get past the victory road in Pokemon diamond?

Victory Road is the path that leads to the Elite 4 in Pokemon Diamond version. To get past it, you need to have all the badges.

How do you get past victory road in Pokemon platnium?

all you have to do is follow the diamond/pearl walkthrough for victory road. I suggest looking up

How do you get past the guy who's blocking the hole in the victory road?

Beat the Elite Four and get the National Dex.

How do you get to root 224 Pokemon diamond?

Once you have the National Dex, the person blocking Route 224 in Victory Road will have moved.

How do you get pass the victory road IN Pokemon Diamond?

The best way to get past victory road in Pokemon Diamond is to buy lots of max repels and have a Pokemon that know the moves rock smash and strength.

You cant get out of victory road on diamond because a man in the way?

you have to catch the legendary in victory road then talk to him

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

you can use waterfall in victory road and at the end when you are finished with victory road

How do you get past victory road?

tell me

Where is the guy blocking your way to get to route 224 in Pokemon platinum?

he is in victory road.

Where can you find gabite on Pokemon diamond?

victory road

Where are leftover in Pokemon Diamond?

Victory Road (B1F)