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Walk in the door. But seriosly, go to the shipyard (baise building in east part of the city) & talk w/ Dock. He tells you to find some captin. Now you can get in. PS: Here's a tip. when you enter the museum, Team Aqua guys will be walking around, if you talk to one of them, he'll give you a TM

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Q: How do you get into the museum in sapphire in slateport city?
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Where do you find the move thief in Pokemon sapphire?

Oceanic Museum in Slateport City

Where do you deliver Devon's goods in Pokemon Sapphire?

You deliver Devon's Goods to Captain Stern who is in Slateport City's museum.

Where is the trickmaster in Pokemon sapphire?

Like ruby and sapphire, it is north of slateport city, south of mauville city. Easier to reach from slateport city.

Where is the name writer in Pokemon sapphire?

Slateport city.

Where is the third badge in Pokemon sapphire?

the third badge in sapphire is at mauville city(north of slateport city)

Where you can get thief on Pokemon sapphire?

You can find TM Thief in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. There should be a Team Aqua member standing inside the museum. Talk to him and he will give you TM Thief.

Where do you find capt stern in sapphire?

he's not in there! he's in slasport city his worker is in the abandoned ship and he asks you to find the generator or something i forgot then you have to find it and then you go talk to him and he will tell you to go to captain stern and then go to slaport city and then he will trade you for something. hope i helped :)

Where can you get a harbor mail in sapphire?

slateport city Pokemon mart

Where is contest hall in slateport city in Pokemon sapphire?

In Slateport City, the contest hall is close to the northern exit, just to the left of it.

How do you get a block-case in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get it from the little girl in slateport city

What place is the boss in Pokemon sapphire in slateport city?

There isn't one.

Where is the nickname man on Pokemon Sapphire?

The Name Rater is in Slateport City, in the building to the left of the Pokemon Center.