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Simple you have to like first find May/the boy whoever then speak to them and they will talk about Shoal Cave being invaded by team Magma and then they go and u go back to shoal cave go in and theyre will be ur friend

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Q: How do you get into shoal cave in ruby?
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Where do you get TM sludge bomb in Pokemon ruby?

somewhere in shoal cave somewhere in shoal cave

How do you get TM hail in ruby?

You can find it at Shoal Cave.

Can you catch a snorunt in ruby?

Yes it is found in Shoal Cave.

Where will i find ice Pokémon in Pokémon ruby?

Shoal Cave.

Where to get hail in Pokemon Ruby?

Shoal Cave above Mossdeep City

How do you beat the shoal cave in ruby version?

you have to get cheats from supercheats ok

Where will you get shoal salt ruby version?

in the shoal cave during low tide tides change every 6 hours

How do you catch snorunt in Pokemon ruby?

On B3F of Shoal Cave(Low Tide)

Where do you catch a spheal in Pokemon ruby?

Shoal Cave, north Mossdeep City

How do you catch spheal in ruby?

You find it in Shoal Cave, just north of Mossdeep city

What time is shoal cave flooded?

Low tide in Shoal Cave happens every 6 hours in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. If it is not working for you then your internal battery may have run dry.

Where do you find galilee in Pokemon ruby?

Evolve Snorunt which can be found it shoal cave in the ice bit