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Go just south of mauville to the entrance of the bike trail, just below the bike road is a fisherman, and on the right of the fisherman is an entrance to the 'lake', go on the lake and go south a tiny bit until you get to an island, from the island, surf right under the bridge until you see a cave entrance, that's the entrance to new mauville. I have sapphire, so somethings may be a bit different, but not too much, enjoy!

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Q: How do you get into new mauville in Ruby?
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Get voltorb in Pokemon Ruby?

new mauville after you get a key from Wallace

Where can you find a mangnemite in Pokemon Ruby?

New Mauville city

Where is new mauville in ruby?

first,talk to the gym leader at mauville(he will be out side the gym)then he will tell you about new mauville,then he will give you the basement key.second,you need to go to the river in front of the trick house and use surf and go will see a cave.go in and you are new mauville!

How do you unlock the metal door in new mauville in pokemon ruby?

After a certain point in the game, you will see Watson standing in the middle of Mauville outside of his gym. If you talk to him and agree to help him with his problem, he will give you the key to New Mauville.

Where is new mauiville on Pokemon Ruby?

New Mauville is located on Route 110, underneath Cycling Road.

Where can you get a bike in ruby version?

You can get it in the bike shop in Mauville City.

Were is new mauville located in Pokemon ruby?

Under the cycling road, to the right. You have to know surf.

How do you turn off the generator in new mauville in Pokemon ruby?

step on a button in front of the generator

How do you get into Mauville City in Pokemonn Ruby?


Where is the 3rd gym in ruby?

mauville city

Where is the metal coat omega ruby?

A Metal Coat can be found in New Mauville. The Metal Coat is on the right of the machine.

How do you get thunderbolt in omega ruby?

It's the same Wattson event as in Ruby and Sapphire, but now you have to wait until after the Kyogre/Groudon event to be able to unlock the sidequest. Find Wattson in the middle of Mauville, go to new Mauville and turn off the power, and return!