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You can only get in the Inn with the Member's Card which is a key item that is an event item. Only Nintendo can give out the event items. They're not available anywhere in-game. unless you cheat with an ar

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Q: How do you get into harbor inn in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you see Darkrai in pokemon platinum?

In harbor inn

How do you get into harbor inn on Pokemon platinum?

Action replay

How do you open harbor Inn in Pokemon platinum?

you need a mystery gift

How do you get into the harbor inn on platinum?

first you need to have a lv.1 staravia in slot 1 then erase all your other pokemon.

How do you get inside the harbor inn?

To get inside the Harbor Inn on Pokemon Platinum you need the Member Card key event item. It is currently not possible to obtain the Member Card as the distribution events are no longer being held. The only way to get the Member Card is via a cheat device. The Harbor Inn has a NPC that can take you to the Island that houses the Pokemon Darkrai.

How do you get into the harbor inn in Pokemon Platinum?

You need to get the members pass over wi fi mystery gift but its to late but you can trade it with somebody else

In Pokemon Platinum what is the harbor inn for?

The Harbor Inn in Canalave City is part of the mission to find and catch Darkrai. Nintendo has to give out the event-only item the Member's Card and when you have it in your bag - you'll be able to go into the Inn and then you'll fall asleep in the Inn and you'll wind up on New Moon Island where Darkrai resides.

How do you get the harbor inn key in Pokemon pearl?

you look for it

Where is the harbor key to the inn on Pokemon pearl?

you have to cheat

How if you have the members card can you get in the inn on Pokemon platinum?

U cant go into the inn anymore

Where do you find darkri?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Darkrai can be found on Newmoon Island. To get to Newmoon Island you need the Member Card for the Harbor Inn at Canalave City.

How do you get to the harbor inn in Pokemon platinum?

you can only get there by Nintendo events. the item you get is the MEMBERS CARD. the door will open automatically if you have the card. (sorry to tell you but that event has already passed)