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In Pokemon Yellow (and all of the Generation I games actually), the guards at the gates to Saffron City are thirsty and you need to get them a drink before they will let you through. You get the drink from the Celadon Department Store (it can be fresh water, soda pop, or lemonade). After you give the guard a drink, he will let you through.


At Celadon City, go to the top floor and buy a fresh water from the vending machine. Then go to the guard that doesn't let you past and give him the fresh water.

The top floor of the Mart. It's actually on the roof. If you take the elevator go to the 5th floor then up the steps one more. Go up to the vending machines and click A. It's 200 Pokecoins (or whatever it's called)

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Q: How do you get into Saffron City on Pokemon Yellow version?
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Where is sliphco in yellow Pokemon?

it is in saffron city

Where is the fifth gym in yellow version?

In Saffron City.

In Pokemon Yellow how do you get into saffron city?

Walk, fly, or ride a bike.

Where is silph co in Pokemon Red version?

It should be in Saffron City.

Where is the team rocket building in the game of pokemon. the fire red version?

In Saffron City.

How do you get the rocket guy to move in saffron city at the gym in Pokemon red version?

clear out the rockets in celadon city

Where is route 8 on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Its right between Saffron city and Lavender town.

In Pokemon soulsilver and heartgold where is saffron city?

There is no saffron city.

Where does the copycat livein Pokemon Gold?

saffron city in kanto saffron city in kanto saffron city in kanto

How do you get 2 men from silphco building in saffron city on Pokemon 1996 red version?

you shold clear fusia city first

How to get to saffron city in Pokemon Yellow?

You'll need to make it to Cealdon City first and buy a drink from the vending machines in the department store. Head east out of the city and give the guard the drink and he will let you into Saffron.

How can you get both Hitmonlee and hitmonchan in Pokemon Yellow?

you can get it if you defeat the fighting gym leader in saffron city but you can only get 1