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You have to be a ninja to go into it.

Hope you will be a ninja!

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Q: How do you get in the ninja hideout on Club Penguin if you are not a ninja?
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Where is the ninja hideout in club penguin 2013?

there is no ninja hideout in club penguin 2013

What are you supposed to do after you get in the ninja hideout in club penguin?


Today at ninja hideout on club penguin is it done?


Where is the cloud ball on Club Penguin?

i think in the ninja hideout

Where is the hidding on Club Penguin?

The hideing is in the HQ or in the ninja hideout.

How do you make a Ninja Hideout on Club Penguin?

Beating Sensei!

Where is the amulet when you become a ninja in club penguin?

Go in the ninja hideout, and buy it from the ninja catalog.

In club penguin is there going to be a water dojo?

Yes there is and it is in the ninja hideout in the dark underground place in the middle of the ninja hideout

How do you get sensei to come out to the ninja hideout on club penguin?

you get really lucky!!!!

Where is the ninja secret hideout in Club Penguin?

Onceyou beat sensei click on the stone door outside.The Club Penguin Ninja Hideout is next to the outside dojo door. It is that rectangle stone with carvings on it.

When your a ninja on club penguin what can you do good?

When you are a ninja, you have access into the ninja hideout. If you are a member ninja, you also have access to the Martial Arts catalog in the ninja hideout and the fire dojo! In the Martial Arts catalog, you can buy furniture for your igloo or clothes for your penguin. But if you are not a member, all you can do is go into the ninja hideout.

Where is Club Penguin hideout?

Go to the dojo, and the rock stone door is the secret hideout, but you have to be a ninja to go in there.