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There is a path just to the right of the celadon city Pokemon center if you follow it you can find a back entrance to the celadon mansion go inside then climb to the top to reach a house go inside then take the pokeball it contains the Pokemon Evee.

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Q: How do you get in the back of celadon mansion in Pokemon fire red?
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Where is the cafe in celadon in FireRed?

Did you mean: Where is the casino in Fire Red for the Rocket Hideout or the Pokemon Mansion for the Tea?Well the Pokemon Mansion is next to the Pokemon Center in Celadon and the Casino is in the south of the Pokemon Mansion.

Is it possible to go up the stairs in celadon mansion?

In Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, it is possible to go up the stairs in Celadon Mansion if you enter through the back. All the way at the top of the mansion, the player can find an Eevee.

Where is grimer in Pokemon FireRed?

its rare in fire red but here is the location of this pokemon: Pokémon Mansion, Celadon City

Where do you get a stone to evolve Eevee in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get the leaf stone, fire stone, and thunder stone at the big department store in celadon city. you get eevee in the back on the Pokemon mansion.

Where do you find Eevee in Fire Red and LeafGreen?

go to cerulean city and go behind the Pokemon mansion and enter through the back, go all the way to the roof and go into the only room and on the table will be a pokeball with a lvl 25 eevee! Eh-hem. It's CELADON city not cerculen and its the celadon mansion not the Pokemon mansion

How can you pass the guard between celadon city and saffron city in Pokemon fire red?

You have to get the tea from the old lady in celadon mansion. She is on the first floor, next to some pokemon.

Where can you find a wild koffing in Pokemon fire red?

Celadon City while surfing, Pokemon Mansion Floors 1,2, 3, and 4.

Where to get tea to pass the guards in Pokemon fire red version?

In Celadon City you need to go into the Celadon Mansion (Front Door) and talk to the little old lady babysitting the Pokemon. She will give you the tea.

Where do you get tea in Pokemon FireRed?

first a fall go to celadon city and go inside the celadon mansion then you see a lady sitting left side in aroom with some Pokemon go and talk to her and she gave you the tea in Pokemon fire red

Where to catch a good fire type in Pokemon FireRed?

In Pokemon mansion you can catch a growlithe and you can get a flareon( you need to evolve the evee with fire stone). By the way you can get an evee at the apartment(last floor) in the celadon city.

Were is the old lady in celadon city on Pokemon fire red?

There is a Celadon Mansion its next to the Pokemon center on the first floor you will find an old lady near some Pokemon talk to her to receive some tea give this to the security guard blocking saffron city he will let you pass after taking the tea.

How do you get back to celadon city while you are at one island Pokemon fire red?

Use the ship that lead you to one island to go back to vermilion city then from there you can use Fly to reach celadon city.