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you do the girl near the bazaar quests

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Q: How do you get in saphyras tower on wizard101?
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What level do you have to be to do the tower of there helephant on wizard101?

You have to be level 60+ to do the Tower of the Helephant in Wizard101.

How do you get out of golem tower in wizard101?

There is a door

Where is big ben tower in wizard101?

Big Ben Tower is in the Royal Museum at Marleybone

How do you get of the tower in wizard101?

Please Be More Specific About Which Tower If You Are Talking About Golem Tower Go Through The Door That Says Exit

Where is professor ambrose in wizard101?

Merle Ambrose is in the tower in the commons.

How do you get out the goldem tower on wizard101?

Golem Tower? Click the Home Teleport button or the Commons Teleport button

Where is the Storm Tower in Wizard101?

Storm Tower is in Ravenwood across from the storm building (where they give out spells) ~wariolink

Where is life magic history book on wizard101?

lady blackhopes tower

How do you beat the Golem tower in the Golem court in in wizard101?

you have to keep healing yourself

In Wizard101 how do you get out of the top floor in the first tower?

Just go back down the way you came

Where does penny dreadful go after she leaves the front of the headmasters tower on wizard101?

she goes to the dark cave in cyclops lane

Darkside on wizard101?

if you are talking nightshade go to haunted cave the last tower. if you are talking nightside, go to rainbow bridge behind the waterfall