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They are in division 47 at the cash register I also found them in the trash if you salvage it.

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Q: How do you get gum flower petals in sims2 psp?
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In sims2 for psp how do you get a soul mate?

you have to get in a friendship of four with them

Can you have a swimming pool on sims2 psp?

Does not make sense

Canyou have babies on sims2 psp?

Im not sure Im not sure

Can you have a kid on the Sims2 PSP?

No, you can't have a baby/toddler/child/teen or anything but an adult in the PSP Sims 2.

Is there a story mode for sims2 pets?

No, in psp or gamecube the answer is no. For the others, it's unknown.

Where can you download sims2 games?

You can download them for PSP or PC from PSPISO.COM all you have to do is register, sign in and look throught the PSP GAMES forum.

Do you need the sims 2 to play the sims 2 pets on psp?

NO you dont. you just need to get the game sims2 pets

How do you go into his doctor secret hiding sims2 psp?

you examine the shelf but you have to have mechanical 5 then click on it again the press open and bang you're there

Where do you find the remains of Dennis Philips in sims2 on psp?

Location: Near the pool of one of the other sim's houses Requirments: Level 1

How do you install the Sims 3 on dsi?

how do u get sims2 and 3 on ds that is the same as psp sims because i wont to do all the stuff on the psp sims on ds sims so please make one like that please

How do you bury the swimsuit in hazel's garden in sims2 on psp?

go to hazel dente's house. After that go where you plant the garlic and press (X) an then there will appear bury .