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After you get a male, and it would have to be a male, females do not evolve into a Gallade.

Ralts will evolve into a Kirlia at level 20.

Kirlias are a branch evolution

Females can only evolve into Gardevoirs, and they do that at level 30

males can also evolve into gardevoirs too, but if you use a dawn stone on them,

they will evolve into a Gallade instead of a Gardevoir.

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Q: How do you get gallade in Pokemon HeartGold?
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What does a dawn stone evolves in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dawn stone evolves a male Kirlia into Gallade, and a female Snorunt into Frosslass.

What type of Pokemon is Gallade?

Gallade is a Psychic and Fighting type pokemon.

How do you evolve gardivoir in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't evolve Gardevoir into anything. If you want Gallade you need to have a male Kirlia and use a dawn stone.

How do you get a Gallade on Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot get a Gallade on Pokemon Ruby. But you may get one in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. - Badminton

What Pokemon are bad against Gallade?

Gallade is both a fighting and psychic type Pokemon. Rock, ghost, dark, grass, and poison Pokemon can be weak against Gallade.

How do you get gallade in your friend Pokemon team in Pokemon rangers 2?

After beating Boss Gallade you find a wild Gallade at The Oil Field Hideout

Pokemon HeartGold how to evolve kirla?

Well, I didn't know you could get a Kirlia in Pokemon HeartGold, but you have a choice of what to evolve it into. At level 30, Kirlia will evolve into a Gardevoir. (I would not recommend a male Kirlia to evolve into Gardevoir, because it looks more feminine, plus the second option has better stats.) If you use a Dawn Stone, your Kirlia will evolve into Gallade. (I very strongly recommend using a dawn stone on your male Kirlia. Gallade's stats are better than Gardevoir's. Plus, Gallade looks more masculine. But, be aware that only a male Kirlia will evolve into a Gallade.)

Is this a good Pokemon heartgold team feraligatr Tyranitar togekiss gallade Gengar Arcanine?

its really up to you. i think its a wonderful team. --------------------------------------------------------- Its hard to tell just from the names of the pokemon. What moves do they each have?

What pokemon is 475?

That must be Gallade :)

What type is the Pokemon Gallade?

Gallade is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon. This type remains the same even when it Mega Evolves as well.

How do you teach gallade ice punch?

You have to learn it at the Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver Move Tutors.

Which Pokemon can use TM54 in Pokemon Diamond?

scyther gallade