How do you get friends on PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Just click add friends and then type the person's PSN username

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Q: How do you get friends on PS3?
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How do you invite friends on PS3?

There are procedures that are described in the PS3 when you try to add friends and involve sending a message to someone

Can you have friends from PS3 on Xbox 360?

No the PS3 and Xbox 360 are on different networks

Can you add somebody who has a 360 to your PS3 friends list?

If they also have a PS3 you can add them,

Can you play PS3 with your friends?

If your friend has a ps3 and you both have psn accounts then yes

How do you get 50.00 on PS3?

well you can get messages from friends and you forward it to your friends and it will give you 10.00 to 50.00 ps3 online money to spend after a week

Will you still have all your friends on PS3 when you send your PS3 to Sony?

Yup, your playstation network account is separate from your PS3.

Looking for gta5 friends for ps3?

If looking for GTA 5 friends on the PS3, simply get their online names. You can also make new friends by playing against others from across the globe.

How can you talk to your friends on PS3 from your PC?

With Skype

How do you send videos to your friends on ps3?

You can't.

Should I get a PS4 or keep my Ps3 so I can play with my friends?

Keep the PS3 and play with your friends and wait for them to get it, or you can just buy a PS4 and wait for them to get one.

Can you play friends online when you have a PS3 slim and the other person has a normal PS3?

Yeah... Obviously

PS3 or xbox360?

You have to break this down for your self. Do you have friends on either system? Do they(Your friends) have online capabilities? Honestly The Xbox 360 and PS3 Are quite the same so break it down for your self i think ps3 is the best dont even think about it bye ps3!!!!