Where can you meet new PS3 friends?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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play an online game and you go back to the home screen, go to your friends list and go to friends met and add ppl.

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Q: Where can you meet new PS3 friends?
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Looking for gta5 friends for ps3?

If looking for GTA 5 friends on the PS3, simply get their online names. You can also make new friends by playing against others from across the globe.

Where to meet new people?

You can meet new friends in public areas. You can also meet them in your work or study place.

Why will call of duty modern warfare 2 not play on my ps3 but will on a friends?

Your ps3 is jacked up. Get a new one.

How many friends can you have on the PS3 system?

The Maximum is 50 friends I heard there was a new update that now allows 100 friends...

Can you meet new friends at a hotel?

I think you can meet friends any where, I made a friend at a grocery store once!

Can PS3 player profile be transfered to new PS3?

YES it can your player card is online so if you get a new ps3 and enter your email and password it will come up with all your friends,trophies, and multiplayer games will save too

Can you use the PS3 as a phone?

no, you can not use the PS3 as a phone however, if you want to talk to one of your friends who has a headset, go to the friends tab an click start new cat. you must have a headset aswell.

Why does PS3 games have to be a lot of money?

only if its new and on a dvd. if you want to get free games for your ps3 you can get a friends ps3 info. make a user for that person on your ps3. then you go to the ps3 store and go to the downloaded content to redownload the games he bought.

How do you meet new friends?

go some where you like like a club and meet a peron you like

I don't have a boyfriend what do i do?

You can meet new people get out of the normal friends.

Club penguin waddle around and meet new friends?


Is Facebook a name?

No, Facebook is a social networking website, were you can meet new friends and chat with old friends.